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What Do You Do When You Know You’ve Sinned?

None of us is perfect, and that’s why we tend to sin from time to time. Sometimes we do it knowingly; at others, we’re just a victim of circumstances. No matter how or for what reason we sin, a sin is a sin. We must seek absolution without offering any excuses. So if you feel you’ve sinned, as a good Christian, here’s what you must do:

  • Accept blame wholeheartedly: There’s no use seeking forgiveness if you’re going to open your confession with the words “I know I was wrong but I only did it because…” When you accept blame, you must do it wholeheartedly. There can be no excuse given when you seek forgiveness for a sin. You’ve erred, and that’s the bottom line. So take responsibility for your actions and accept that you are wrong without assigning part of the blame to anyone else.
  • Apologize to the people you’ve hurt: If you’ve hurt anyone by your transgressions, the first thing you must do is to apologize to them and seek amends for what you’ve done. This is a hard thing to do, but when you swallow your pride and ego and ask for forgiveness, you get closer to God and your sins are forgiven. The person/people you’ve harmed are also able to achieve closure on this issue when they decide to forgive you.
  • Ask for God’s forgiveness: Once you’ve done this, it’s time to ask for God’s forgiveness. Most people find it easy to seek absolution from the Lord because it is done in private. But the most important thing is to apologize to people you’ve hurt first, and then tell God that you’re truly sorry for what you’ve done or what you were inadvertently a part of.
  • Resolve never to do such a thing again: And last, but most important of all, when you know you’ve done something wrong and regret doing it, you must resolve never to do such a thing again. If you do commit the sin again, your acts of asking for forgiveness and accepting blame do not count. Rather, you become an even bigger sinner because you’ve done something wrong knowingly and willfully.

Man is no stranger to sin because it’s been around from the time of Adam and Eve. But we can rise above it and triumph over it when we acknowledge that we’ve sinned and seek absolution for our acts.