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Top 50 Rock Climbing Blogs

Rock climbers are a special bunch. They’re usually ready for anything and always up for adventure. If your climbing usually involves hiking up the stairs at the office and you want to up the ante, these blogs will show you the ropes and give you insider tips on how to prep for that first climb and keep things interesting while exploring new terrain in foreign areas.

Rock Climbing Blogs

If you’re headed to the great outdoors to do your rock climbing, these blogs will show you the way and give you the essentials on what to expect when you’re hanging in the air.

    1. Rock Climbing Blog Though this blogger no longer updates, the large array of climbing tips and gorgeous photos from various climbing trips will make you want to get out and get going. Also check out the post on how to create an at-home gym to train for climbing.

    2. Climbing Narc This is an inspiring and motivating climbing blog. It tracks various stories of climbers, including one who was injured and is being rehabilitated to get back on a mountain.

    3. Sicky Gnar Gnar Join this climber as he takes you along for adventures in various parts of the U.S. He gives short, concise reviews on different climbs and plenty of images to make you feel as if you were there.

    4. The Chalk Bag This blogger provides climbers new and old tons of tips and tricks for making your climb worthwhile. Sometimes simple adjustments (like investing in gear) will make your climb far more seamless and thus, enjoyable.

    5. All Climbing This climbing blog covers gear reviews, climbing tips and events going on throughout the U.S. for climbers. It also has footage from major climbs completed around the world.

    6. Rock Climber Girl This female climber chronicles her climbs, provides gear reviews and best of all, writes from the heart. She’s an expert at capturing the spirit of an adventure lover with her witty blog entries.

    7. Mountains and Water This is a true personal blog. It contains details of the blogger’s climbing trips, complete with clinic visits and exploits gone wrong that land him in the clinic. It’s an authentic look at the world of the avid climber.

    8. Climbing This is the online home of the popular climbing magazine that climbers have looked to long before the rise of the Internet. It has footage of significant climbs and interviews with some of the best names in the biz.

    9. Rock Climbing for Life This is one of the ultimate online sources for rock climbers. It has reviews of climbs around the world and interviews with major climbers. It also has safety tips for those going on intense climbs.

    10. Climber This blog no longer updates, but has tons of reviews for climbs around the world. Some of the highlights include a climbing festival and major climbs in China. The scenic images alone make the blog worth visiting.

    11. Rock Climbing This blog has reviews of climbing documentaries and other materials. It also discusses major changes in the world of climbing like Mount Everest changing the age limits of climbing for safety purposes .

    12. Avalon Climbing Club This blogger tracks his climbing throughout Newfoundland. The blog updates the most during climbing season (the late spring and summer) and gives detailed reviews of climbs including how smooth the trek is.

    13. Daniel Woods This is a heavy hitter in the world of climbing and has won major titles for pushing the limits. He’s young, inspiring and keeps readers updated on competitions he’s participating in.

    14. Woods Family Climbs Yep, the entire Woods family climbs and chronicles their joint travels at this site. It’s amazing to see the unity among a close-knit family who finds solace in nature.

    15. 8A This fabulous blog is a must-read for climbers, especially those who’ve been at it for years. This is an international blog for serious climbers and has tips on climbing mountains worldwide.

Indoor Rock Climbing Blogs and Articles

Many prep for rock climbing with indoor rock climbing, which always makes for fabulous climbing conditions. The following blogs show you how to get comfortable with indoor rock climbing and make the transition to the real deal.

    16. Indoor Rocking This blog gives you the ins-and-outs of indoor rocking climbing, including a lengthy post that will prep beginners and tell them how to approach their first climb.

    17. Indoor Rock Climbing This blog tells you how to train your body to become a better rock climber, including indoor activities that will strengthen muscles for your climbing. It also discusses improving your technique to ease up a climb.

    18. Indoor Climbing If you’re a newbie to the world of climbing, make this site your first stop and check out the glossary so you know the terms when your climbing instructor chats you up.

    19. Indoor Rock This site has listings from indoor rock climbing facilities throughout the U.S., so you can find a place close to you. It also talks about gear for indoor rock climbing and video footage on finding your footing.

    20. Indoor Rock This blog shows you what to wear when climbing a rock wall whether you’re inside or outside and tips on how to find shoes for climbing. It also reviews rock climbing facilities all over the world and gives you vacation ideas for spots that have rock climbing on the premises.

    21. Rock Climbing Indoor This indoor rock climbing covers techniques to improve your rock climbing skills and has gear reviews for those who are looking to purchase their own items after renting from indoor rock climbing clubs.

    22. ABC of Rock Climbing – Indoor Climbing Learn the benefits of indoor rock climbing and why you should pursue this fun activity, even if it’s just for an afternoon or two.

    23. Rock Climbing This site covers indoor and outdoor rock climbing, but has great tips for beginners. It’s best to start in an indoor rock climbing facility to get a feel for climbing and build your strength.

    24. eHow – Indoor Climbing At this eHow page, you’ll find links to various indoor rock climbing articles. From learning how to tie knots or wear a harness, this page is a must-read before starting your climb.

    25. WikiHow – Improve at Indoor Rock Climbing Once you start climbing, you may become eager to improve your technique and strength to get up that wall faster and take on more difficult treks. This article shows you how.

    26. Made Man – Indoor Rock Climbing Gear Essentials This article gives you tips on what you need to start your journey to indoor rock climbing. It profiles specific pieces that will transition to outdoor rock climbing, if you decide to try a mountain or boulder.

    27. Trails – Indoor Rock Climbing Learn how to descend properly and safety tips from the various articles posted at this sports and traveling website.

    28. Earth Treks Climbing – Instruction This climbing website has tips for beginners and even tweens who want to start climbing. It’s penned by experts who’ve tackled the big guys like Mount Everest, but offers great tips for those who are less experienced.

    29. REI – Indoor Climbing Basics The folks from everyone’s favorite outdoor gear store gives you tips on climbing indoors. It also discusses the gear you need for indoor climbing and safety rules to follow, even if you’re in a controlled environment.

Bouldering Blogs

Bouldering involves rock climbing on a smaller scale, since you aren’t all that high off the ground and typically wear little to no gear. It’s a great starting style for climbers who want to get accustomed to being off the ground and get the feel of real rock under their hands and feet.

    30. Bouldering Central This is the go-to site for bouldering tips. If you’re starting out or looking for a new area to explore on a trip, this site showcases boulder areas with plenty of photos to entice you.

    31. Eastside Bouldering These boulding buddies hit the desert and post lots of pictures to show their journey. The blog no longer updates, but the archived posts have tips for those who are bouldering their way through life.

    32. Blimp Bouldering This site is photos of folks bouldering. It’s amazing photography that pictures the beauty of boulders and climbing with an authentic air.

    33. Nomadas World Trip Fall in love with the breathtaking bouldering photography at this site. It’s sure to make you want to get out from behind the computer and experience the great outdoors for yourself.

    34. B3 Bouldering Get reviews of camping gear and check out the blogger’s bouldering trips around the United States. This blog is a good read for those who are familiar with bouldering.

    35. Matt’s Climbing Blog This blogger chronicles his bouldering trips and has video footage of many climbs. He also discusses the problems he encounters while bouldering at length, giving newcomers an idea of what to expect and how to deal.

    36. Bishop Bouldering This is arguably the most popular bouldering blog. It shows newcomers how to get comfortable with bouldering and has plenty of lengthy posts for veterans to get excited about.

    37. Boulder Canyon Bouldering This blog revolves around bouldering in Boulder Canyon, but the tips posted on the right hand side of the site can be applied to bouldering anywhere on the planet.

    38. PD Robinson This blog is ideal for those who want a genuine look at bouldering. The blogger isn’t afraid to share the ups and downs of the sport, which is important for those who are struggling to gain strength and complete harder runs.

    39. Weekend Bouldering The photography at this site is great, but the bouldering skills shared will benefit anyone who’s climbing. It’s a fun blog that simply talks climbing and friends who enjoy bouldering together, making it one of the most personal climbing blogs we’ve come across.

More Rock Climbing Blogs

Need more climbing blogs? Here are a few more to show you how to handle a vertical lifestyle.

    40. Shared Summits If you’re interested in going on a major climbing expedition with guides, this is the site to get yourself set up. Check out past climbs and get the info for this year’s expedition.

    41. Everest My Dream Whether you dream of Mount Everest or have made it a reality, this site is packed with the history of the mountain and nearly anyone who’s ever made it to the top.

    42. Will Stanhope This fantastic climbing blog is a portrait of a man who loves the sport and makes it a lifestyle. It’s a nice read for picking up tips and getting inspired to get out and climb.

    43. Frixtion Instead of blogging on boulders or mountains, this site keeps you posted on the news going on in the world professional climbing.

    44. The Life and Climbs This blog gives you climbing news and tips on how to train to improve your climbing technique and take on more difficult treks.

    45. B Weaver Check out the bouldering journeys of this blogger, which comes along with jaw dropping photography and reviews of areas the writer has traveled. He gets specific with problems, making this climbing blog for those who are experienced in the sport.

    46. Gabor Szekely .This bouldering blogger offers reviews of areas he’s visited and also discusses bouldering competitions.

    47. Deadpoint Magazine This online magazine is aimed at rock climbing and bouldering. It talks competitions, major events in the industry and gives tips for starting up your climbing hobby.

    48. Mount Rainier Climbing This is the blog for the beloved Mount Rainier, a favorite of many avid climbers. Get updates on weather conditions, fees and age requirements before heading out to conquer Rainier.

    49. Training for Climbing Get a handle for how to train for climbing and build your core strength. Whether you’re working on yourself in the gym or while climbing, this site has stellar tips for getting your body in tip-top shape to make it easier to lift yourself.

    50. Online Climbing Coach You may not have time to work with a trainer one-on-one to perfect your climbing technique. This blogger trains you with posts that will teach you everything you need to know before you even set your eyes on a harness.

Rock climbing is a fantastic physical activity that can add dimension to your workout routine or get you touch with nature. Remember that safety comes first, but rules are easy enough that you can learn them online with the aid of a professional. Check out these sites to jumpstart your interest in climbing of any type and get the right gear to keep yourself safe before getting your feet off the ground.