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Top 35 Barbie Doll Blogs

Barbie is loved by many Americans and collected by even more. From general doll collectors to those who exclusively collect Barbie dolls, these blogs teach you everything you need to know about Barbie and how to go about buying or selling collector’s pieces.

Top Barbie Blogs

These top Barbie blogs are all about one of America’s most-loved dolls and the history of the toy since debuting in the late ‘50s.

    1. Mukla Barbie This is one of the best sources on the web for everything Barbie. It showcases Barbie’s from nearly every era, giving you Bat Girl Barbie and the Tarina Tarantino Barbies.

    2. MyScene Barbie This site is for Barbie aficionados who want fun touches like Barbie wallpaper for computers and smartphones.

    3. Vintage Barbie and Fashion Doll Guide This blog teaches you about vintage Barbies and other collectable dolls. It also discusses limited edition dolls that are being reproduced for collectors.

    4. Crazy for Barbie Blog This site serves as a feed for all Barbie items going up on various auctions sites. Find accessories, rare clothes and dolls at this Barbie blog.

    5. Be Barbie This Barbie blog is incredibly well-written and there’s no doubt that the blogger knows her Barbie facts inside and out and is willing to share her knowledge.

    6. All Doll’d Up This blog is penned by a voice that’s supposed to be Barbie and shares news on Barbie events going on around the United States.

    7. Pimp My Barbie Learn how to go DIY with your Barbie by creating unique clothing and accessories for the doll.

    8. Barbie Collector Obsession This blog is updated frequently and shows you the limited edition Barbie dolls many collectors have their eye on for upcoming launches.

    9. Unofficial Barbie Fan Club At this site you’ll find all sorts of information over buying and collecting Barbie dolls. It’s a great site for learning the basics of what to look for when buying a limited edition Barbie online.

    10. Barbie Collector This is the official site for purchasing collection edition Barbie dolls. It shows what new releases will hit store shelves and when, so the avid collector can plan their purchase.

    11. Barbie This Barbie site has fun games and activities for little girls who are a fan of the recognized doll.

    12. Carol Spencer Designs This is a brilliant blog for learning about the history of Barbie dolls, including the tweaks that have been made to the doll throughout the decades.

    13. Dolls 4 Play It’s all vintage Barbie dolls at this website. You’ll be amazed at the details and craftsmanship that went into Barbie dolls from long ago.

    14. Vintage Barbie Site This site has plenty of information over vintage Barbie dolls, but also features updates on new released and limited edition dolls.

    15. JoeList This is a site that sells many vintage and designer edition Barbie dolls, but it’s also great for those who can’t add the pricey dolls to their collection, but still want an up-close-and-personal look at the pieces.

Blogs for Learning About Barbie Collecting

These blogs will show you the ropes when it comes to building up a collection and choosing Barbie dolls that are worth investing in.

    16. Barbie Collector Dolls This site is all about collecting Barbies. How to get started and how to carefully select pieces for your collection.

    17. About Doll Collecting This blog is about collecting all types of dolls, but has extensive information about being a Barbie collector.

    18. Doll Attic This site is all about collector dolls and vintage Barbies dating as far back as the ‘50s. It’s a great blog for the new collector to learn about price points and various exclusive dolls.

    19. Dream House Dolls This Barbie blog has everything from Barbie magazines and accessories galore. It’s a smart starting point for newbies to get familiar with limited edition dolls and accesories.

    20. Barbie Convention Keep up with other Barbie addicts by following this blog over the Barbie doll convention, which takes place annually.

    21. Crazy for Barbie This Barbie site is arguably the best resource on the web for those who want to learn everything about collecting Barbie dolls. It’s serious business and this is the blog to visit when you need to know the details on a doll.

    22. Barbie Dolls Collector This blog has tons of information over Barbie dolls new and old. If you come across a bin of old Barbies dolls, this site should be your first stop to access the value and going rate on auction sites.

    23. World Collectors Net – Barbie This is a collector’s site with an entire Barbie forum and tips on finding out how much your vintage Barbie dolls are worth. It also talks about the rich history of Barbie.

    24. eBay – Barbie Dolls Buying Guide These days, most collectors do their buying online. This eBay site shows you the ins-and-outs to making sure it’s a smooth transaction.

    25. Nashville Examiner – Doll Collecting in Nashville This site over doll collecting often covers limited edition and collectible Barbie dolls and where to source them.

    26. MoneyMagpie – Collection Barbie Dolls This site breaks down selling your Barbie dolls for cash. It’s a must-read for those who are new to the market and looking to sell their dolls.

    27. Nancy’s Dream House This site focuses on vintage Barbie dolls and accessories and even has a chat room for Barbie nuts to talk about their rare pieces.

    28. Doll Hotline This doll site is one of the hottest spots on the web for purchasing vintage Barbie clothing and accessories. A great spot for collectors who are looking for special finds.

    29. Doll Habit This site is devoted to teaching you more about vintage Barbie dolls and understand their markings and what prices to sell them at.

More Barbie Blogs

When you’re craving even more Barbie, these blogs will show you the latest and greatest models, including limited edition dolls.

    30. Black Doll Collecting This site is all about black dolls and boasts an extensive number of posts on black Barbie dolls that have launched throughout the year.

    31. Doll Genie This Barbie resale site allows you to peruse Barbie dolls by year or model. It’s a spot for those who love eye candy and want to take a look at $400+ dolls.

    32. eHow – Techniques for Selling Your Barbie Doll Collection This eHow video walks you through pricing and marketing your Barbie dolls, whether it’s a single doll or an entire vintage collection.

    33. Anything Goes Inc. – Collectible Barbie Dolls Learn the history of Barbie and which styles are the most sought after and command the highest prices.

    34. Collector’s Quest – Barbie This amazing collector’s blog has a massive section over Barbie with blog articles for learning about how to buy and sell the dolls and images of rare collector’s pieces.

    35. Beauty Twist – Barbie Doll Collecting Check out these fun facts about Barbie. It shows you where the first Barbie dolls were made and about how many went into production.

Mattel estimates there are over 100,000 adult Barbie doll collectors in the U.S., who spend an average of $1000 per year on their collection. If you think Barbie dolls are mere child’s play, check out these Barbie doll blogs to learn more about the best-selling toy that has made its mark on pop culture in a major way.