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Associate Degree was created in 2010 by Alex Deeds. I created this site with the hopes of helping potential students wanting to achieve an associate’s degree. As a recent graduate, I realized there are no informative sites on the internet that give students the necessary tools for picking the right program. I started searching the internet for campuses and programs online to get all the information I could. After spending countless hours on multiple websites, I decided to make a site that listed all the information in one place.

Each site that I researched seemed to have mixed data and feedback to the point where I could not keep track of anything. Organizing the website by online and campus based schools along with what to expect in achieving the degree were in my opinion, the simplest and most user friendly way of getting the information you need.

I try to frequently update the information listed on the site. Work and trying to maintain somewhat of a social life tends to tie me down, but I do my best to check in on the site weekly. If you notice any programs left off the list or errors on the page, please do not hesitate to email me and I will make the corrections accordingly.

Thank you

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