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Search Campus and Online Associate's Degree Programs

Search Campus and Online Associate Degree Programs

Earning your associate degree can be the start down many career paths, some of the more popular being healthcare, business, and design. Associate degree programs can sometimes be completed in sixteen months but usually closer to two years. By utilizing online programs, associate degrees becoming that much easier to obtain. We have listed several highly-regarded schools below that offer accredited programs.

Kaplan University – Kaplan University features a variety of associate degrees, including programs in accounting, business administration, criminal justice, health sciences, IT, and paralegal studies. Kaplan is a leader in online education, featuring an innovative faculty that understands your motivation for beginning your educational career. Graduates often seek further study.
Post University – Post University offers several online Graduate, Undergraduate degrees and certificates. There are many degree programs to choose from including: Business, Nursing, Law, and Public Administration. Students can also take advantage of accelerated degree programs. The online format makes it convenient for students to continue working while in the program.
Everest University – Everest University is a highly-rated provider of online, accredited education and takes a practical approach by offering career-oriented curriculum and assignments that follow current standards and practices. Courses are available online and can be completed at your own pace from school, home, the library, or even on the go.
Liberty University – Let Liberty University's over 40 years of providing education solutions work for you. The school has numerous online associates degrees in Accounting, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Management Information Systems, Paralegal Studies, and Religion. Graduates are found throughout the country, working in careers they are passionate about.
Ashford University – Ashford University offers affordable Associate, Bachelors, and Masters degrees and courses online. There are many degree programs to choose from in business, economics, linguistics, humanities, education, health care, law, and public administration to name a few. Students can complete these programs in their free time and also have a choice of doing an accelerated degree program.
DeVry University – DeVry University's Associates Program includes an Associate of Electronics and Computer Technology. The 60 credit hour program features a curriculum that focuses on the fundamentals of computer and hardware technologies. The degree has been designed for individuals that have a few college credits or newcomers just starting in their career. DeVry also has an AS in Web Design that covers devloping and design for the web.
California Coast University – California Coastal University offers two degrees at the associate level. The business administration program is a great first step into the business world. This introductory curriculum teaches the principles of marketing and management and other key business, communication, and operational skills. The psychology program explores concepts like abnormal psychology, counseling, and developmental psychology.
Rasmussen College – Rasmussen College has several online degree programs and institutions including: School of Business, School of Health Sciences, School of Nursing, School of Justice Studies, and School of Technology and Design. Within these programs, students can earn a wide variety of degrees and certificates. Online courses are innovative making use of blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
Keiser University – While Keiser University is widely known for its respected graduate school, students can also take advantage of the online campus, offering a wide range of associate's degrees online for those who want to quickly advance their careers. These programs combine industry-driven curriculum with fast-pace classes to help students quickly obtain experience and a foundation for their careers.
Strayer University – Each Associate of Arts degree at Strayer is 90 credit hours, testament to the school's commitment to provide a diverse learning experience. Students have the option to choose degrees in the arts, sciences, writing, and literature, among many others. Before acceptance into these programs, the student is required to have a Bachelor's Degree.

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Associate Degree is an online resource dedicated to providing students with straightforward information about obtaining an associates degree via a traditional campus or online school. It is my attempt in creating this site to collect useful and unbiased information about schools and programs which offer associates degrees so that students will have a single page from which to begin their research.

What should I look for in an online associate degree?

An online associate degree must be from an accredited learning institution. This means the school must be accredited by a national or regional organization in order to be valid by an employer. At the beginning stages of exploring an online associate degree, talk to the academic advisor at your prospective school to get an idea of whom they’re accredited by. If they are not currently accredited, inquire about when the school is up for review as there are many distance learning programs that are being accredited by these national or regional organizations now that online degrees are becoming more common.
Another thing to ask your school advisor about is job placement after finishing your online associate degree. Do professors and school staff aide students in finding a job? This is an important part of selecting a school since some programs have many resources for job placement as graduation nears, while others leave this responsibility up to the student.

What are the costs associated with an online associate degree?

An online associate degree costs about the same as an associate degree sought from a traditional school. Where savings comes into play is most who seek an online associate degree do not participate in the social aspect of college, which can become expensive. Expect to pay for tuition and books up front and know there may be lab fees along the way depending on the curriculum of your degree.
In some cases, field trips, subscriptions and gas costs to and from clinicals (in the case of a veterinary or lab technician) can add up, but you will have ample time to prepare yourself for these add-ons. Consult with your academic advisor on what the bottom line is for your online associate degree and how long you have to pay it. Most schools are willing to work with students to create a payment plan that allows the entire program to be paid in full on a per-semester basis.

Are online associate degrees respected by employers?

Employers are warming up to online degrees of any sort. They know obtaining an online associate degree offers great financial return for students since it takes limited time and funds complete your online associate degree. While you do not have to put the fact that you attended an online college on your resume, you should never lie to a prospective employer about it. Be honest and up front if asked about your online associate degree. Many employers respect that returning students maintain full-time jobs and families while going to school and see that as prime time management skills, as well as the ability to adapt to situations and overcome obstacles.
The majority of online degrees sought are associate degrees, so you are in good company. Your employer may have experience hiring employees with online associate degrees, so do not be afraid or intimidated if asked about your online college experience. Explain that an online program best suited your lifestyle and budget and allowed you to expand your career options without sacrificing you full-time job or time with family.

What are the 10 best online associate degree programs?

In terms of earning power and job opportunities, the ten best online associates degrees for students today are:

  • Dental Hygiene
  • Medical/Clinical Assistant
  • Liberal Arts/Sciences
  • Nursing/Registered Nurse
  • General Studies
  • Business Administration
  • Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Accounting
  • Medical Records Technician
  • Healthcare Administration and Management

Do credits I earn in an online associate degree programs transfer?

Online associate degree credits typically transfer easily to schools accredited by the same organization. This means if you decide to go for your bachelor degree later down the road, the first two years of school will be credited towards that degree. This also varies depending on what the degree is, as some associates degree are intended to serve as preparation for the work place and not all courses taken will transfer to a bachelors degree.
Explore your options and think long term. If you do not plan on seeking your bachelor degree, you can choose an associate degree that puts you high in demand for employment upon graduating. If you think a bachelor degree is a possibility for your future, take this into account as you want to get the most transferrable credits you can out of the way while going to school for your associate degree. Speak with an academic advisor about your options. If you plan on staying in the same field (as most people do) for each degree, you have a higher chance of additional credits transferring, outside of your general studies courses.

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